Horford traveled with the Celtics on a two-game road trip last week with the goal of playing

Boston Celtics big man Al Horford missed his eighth straight game Wednesday. It has been 17 days since Horford was concussed when a teammate inadvertently struck him during a practice on Halloween, and the Celtics remain uncertain of when he’ll return to game action.

The fact that Horford signed a monster Authentic Bilal Powell Jersey contract this summer (four years, $113 million) combined with Boston’s uneven play without him has left many Celtics fans restless for his return. What’s prudent to remember is Horford’s injury history suggests a player who exercises great caution with his health before returning to the floor.

“They will continue to work hard. Corey has just gotten off to an unbelievable start [and] there is a lot coming his way early. And I think he has managed it extremely well.”

If there was anything that Seager struggled to conquer, it was the physical toll of his first full major league season, which included six weeks of Authentic Brandon Marshall Jersey spring training, 157 games played in the regular season and 11 postseason games.

Knowing now how that feels, he has vowed to overcome that part as well.

“It was just fatigue from a long year,” he said, not long after the last out of the season had been recorded. “Next year will be better just because you know what to expect. That’s really all it was.”

While an outsider might have seen a kid settle into big league life easily, as if he had been doing this stuff all along, Seager admitted later in the year that it was a process. Yes, even he got caught up in the moment, like when he was batting just .243 with a .383 slugging percentage on May 6.

“That” would be his productive season, something Seager seemed reluctant to embrace, or even acknowledge. It sounds like a guy who refuses to be content with the numbers regardless of how impressive they are.

Perhaps his refusal to be awed by the grandness of it all, even a three-homer night, is a trait he picked up from his mom.

“It’s awesome,” Jody Seager said of her son’s quick assimilation to the game’s highest level, “but he’s played baseball since he was a little kid, and it’s just a different baseball field in a bigger stadium.”

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