Counting Terrell Owens’ drops recklessly counts him out of Canton forever

The tipping point for Terrell Owens’ Hall of Fame chances was the drops chart.

Owens is never going to get into the Hall of Fame. That sealed it.

That really isn’t that extreme a reaction to that chart, slipped into Peter King’s weekly column at The MMQB on Monday, but tweeted out on its own.

No time will be wasted deciphering it, putting it into context or even mocking it that much. (In all fairness, Pro Football Talk mocked the entire “drops” debate flawlessly already.) Ironically, King in that item declared not only does Owens deserve to be in Canton, but drops are not a good reason to exclude him.

But that chart got out there for a full viewing, anyway.

And that has never been more clear than in the last 10 years, when the toll of playing this sport has hit home like it never has before. Every season that a player, Canton-worthy or not, comes out of it in one piece should be considered a miracle … not a testament to his endurance, inner strength or character. That’s patently unfair to everybody else facing the same risks.

The players are bigger, stronger and faster, the collisions harder, the rules more incomprehensible, the sport more unmanageable by refs, coaches, owners, commissioner and the players themselves.

The career-altering injuries, then, are more inevitable. That, and the conscious decisions to walk away while you still can, as Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch did.

Every Hall of Fame voter should know this and act accordingly. From now on, at least. Because until this year, they did Davis a disservice.avalanche-002_501f67d731edd291-180x180

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