Grigson looked like as smart a hire as anyone could imagine

More important, it opens the door for everybody who’s in the pipeline and ready to take over an organization and the Colts’ organization has a lot more to attract an excellent candidate than the 49ers do. That includes the owners, even with Irsay’s well-documented unstable behavior. His track record of smart management hires far outshines that of Jed York.

For three years, for example, Grigson looked like as smart a hire as anyone could imagine. As underachieving as the Colts have been in the ensuing two years one of the factors pushing Grigson out the door they’re still light-years ahead of where they were when he arrived.

They have Andrew Luck, obviously. They have other pieces from a team that fell one game short of the Super Bowl two years ago. They have pieces that Grigson added to get them over the top, only to have that chance to get over the top neutralized by his personnel misfires. They still have a window to re-take control of the usually-soft AFC South, although that window is closing fast if the Titans, Jaguars and a Texans team getting J.J. Watt back are any indication.

So, the football world has seen this before, right down to the Packersfuture Hall of Fame quarterback getting the benefit of the doubt that at this time and in this place hes unbeatable. Aaron Rodgers was that guy in 2011, as he is this year now that the Packers have fulfilled his run the tableprophecy, and as Brett Favre was earlier.

Rodgers and Favre were both left empty-handed, at Mannings expense. (Of course, that was also Favres last game as a Packer.) It was a matter of Manning making more plays than his opposing number the Hail Mary at the end of the first half to Hakeem Nicks in 2011, for example and of him not making the big mistake Favres overtime interception in the 2007 game.avalanche_150

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