Olivia Munn, Ciara and others show that dating an NFL quarterback is a no-win situation

Sustaining a relationship with an NFL quarterback is no easy feat. Besides the arduous travel schedule, scarce opportunities for date nights and limited privacy, dating a professional quarterback can lead a woman to be the subject of constant tabloid fodder when things go poorly on the field.

Ciara. Olivia Munn. Jessica Simpson.

Ciara fell prey to the sexism that pervades todays football media culture within minutes of the Seahawkscrippling playoff loss to the Falcons last weekend.

No, the blame did not belong to the Seahawks’ defense that ceded 36 points to NFL MVP candidate Matt Ryan and his dynamic arsenal of weapons. Instead, Twitter placed blame on Russell Wilsons significan’t other, who jinxed the starting quarterbacks once-storied ability to command a triumphant offense in the postseason.

The Cowboys were rewarded for what still was a special season by having unwavering trust in Prescott. Now Prescott can trust that they will make the necessary adjustments to take a close one in a likely similar situation next year.

Time ran out on Prescott’s dazzling debut season well before many first and foremost those in Dallas expected. But he still has tons of it on his side.

The mature makeup is what got him to this point. It’s also what will get him and the Cowboys to come back and go well beyond.vikings_089

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