Read Steve Smith’s badass retirement letter to the NFL

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Steve Smith confirmed his retirement in a postgame interview after Week 17, and now it’s official as he sent in his notice to the league.

Smith didn’t end his career the way he wanted, as the Ravens missed the playoffs at 8-8, but the 37-year-old realized his best days are behind him. After 13 years with Carolinaand three with Baltimore, the five-time Pro Bowl receiver finished with1,031 receptions for 14,731 yards and 81 touchdowns.

I think though, the most important thing that I can do, I think it’s really important that I articulate the vision that I have for this team to everyone in the building, because I know from playing for guys like Bill Walsh and [former NFL head coach] Tony Dungy and [former NFL head coach] Jon Gruden and [former NFL head coach] Mike Shanahan, I think that’s the most important thing you can do is articulate, Here’s who we want to be and here’s the type of people we are looking for if you want to be a part of this thing. I think that’s really critical.

Authentic Eric Reid Jersey And then I would say hand-in-hand with that, first of all we’ve got to evaluate what we have. I’ve got some commitments down here in Houston, I’m in Houston right now taking care some of the commitments I had to FOX. I think it’s right that I honor those. Jed wanted me to honor those and so I’m doing that. But, I can’t wait. I can’t get the film in front of me quick enough just to evaluate this roster. I know it because I follow football on a broad sense, but it just takes time and there’s no substitute for time and that’s what, I think you first have to take inventory of what you have to see what we need and that’s with the draft and free agency. It’s critical also to put together the staff that I’m going to be working with and a lot of those people are going to be in the building, we’re going to go out and aggressively pursue some of the people I have relationships with that I think are the best in the business. And so, we are going to attack it very aggressively. Like I said, I just can’t wait to get that process going and it’s already started in many respects.’

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