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The Timberwolves cannot figure out the 3rd quarter

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ 3-7 record would look a whole lot different if it weren’t for the third quarter. Minnesota ranks second in both first- and second-quarter net rating, a stat that measures a team’s point differential per 100 possessions.

However, the Wolves have completely fallen apart in the third. Minnesota ranks last in the NBA with -33.1 third-quarter net rating. This means that per 100 third-quarter possessions, the Timberwolves Doug McDermott Authentic Womens Jersey are being outscored by more than 33 points.

While the @Timberwolves have a 3-6 record and have underperformed…quarter by quarter net rating says they are a sleeping giant. pic.twitter.com/0YTmaiUWHr

— Jim Petersen (@JimPeteHoops) November 15, 2016
And that was before the team’s 115-108 loss to the Hornets on Tuesday. The Wolves took a 12-point halftime lead, but Hornets opened the third on a 15-2 run and ended the quarter with a 21-4 surge. The Wolves rallied in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough. Again.

“I think every team’s gotta take a look at that. I think teams are getting tuned in a little bit, you know, politically and everything else. And give the players a great deal of credit on that. I’ve been really proud of our own players, but the players throughout the league, that they’re attune to what’s going on and stand up for their values. I think that’s impressive. You know, I’ve said it with our team. I think it’s really impressive. Particularly the fact that we have a really young team, and we’re talking guys in their 20s. And normally that kind of, no matter where you stand on the spectrum, normally that kind of social awareness and activism is something you come to later in life.

“I said this morning, I know where I was in the 20s. I think I was fairly aware E’Twaun Moore Authentic Womens Jersey but I was just consumed with myself in the 20s and what I wanted to do and everything else. And then you grow into more of an awareness. So, to see these young guys taking an interest — young, privileged guys, you know, got a lot of money and everything else — to take an interest with what’s going on and a real concern with their communities and the people who are less fortunate than they are. I think (that) speaks very well of them. And I’ve been very proud of our league under Adam (Silver)’s leadership in terms of social issues with the teams in our league and the players.”
Van Gundy was the first NBA coach to openly criticize the country for electing Trump.