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I am crying again. I am also eating my feelings in the form of so, so many Swedish Fish.

Then Raven talks to her mom and her mom is like, ¡°Can you say ¡®I love you¡¯ to Nick?¡±

Raven gets a little defensive. She¡¯s like, (and I¡¯m paraphrasing, here) ¡°Ehhh, I think so? Yeah, I could. No, definitely I could. I totally could. I could love him. I love him, OK?¡±
Henrik Sedin Kids Jersey
Which doesn¡¯t not sound like she¡¯s trying to talk herself into it.

We cut to Raven¡¯s dad and Nick. Raven¡¯s dad is saying he didn¡¯t think he¡¯d like him but he does, in fact, like him. He says he could ¡°live with that¡± if Nick ended up with his daughter. This isn¡¯t a rousing endorsement, but it also isn¡¯t the worst reaction to the news that your daughter might end up married to a 36-year-old handsome software salesman-turned-professional-Bachelor-goer-on-er.

Game Mens Xavier Cooper Jersey This year, Maddon needs Montero as much as Montero needs Maddon. With veteran catcher David Ross now in retirement, there¡¯s a void in the locker room. Montero is even more valuable to the team considering he¡¯s bilingual. The catcher is tight with the Cubs¡¯ Latin relievers, earning praise from Maddon for his handling of righty Pedro Strop as recently as Tuesday morning.

¡°He can be such a valuable liaison between coaches and the room,¡± Maddon said. ¡°He¡¯s looking forward to it.¡±

Montero admitted that his situation weighed on him during the short offseason. Both parties were asked often during the winter if there would be a meeting of the minds. Montero preferred it happened away from the Cubs¡¯ spring training facility, so when Maddon invited the catcher to dinner, he jumped at the chance. Montero picked a low-key Italian restaurant.

¡°The food was good,¡± Montero smiled. ¡°I think he liked it.¡±

Montero felt so good about the dinner that he insisted they take a picture to share on social media.