Jason Pierre-Paul finally gets 4-year blockbuster deal he¡¯s been after with Giants

Jason Pierre-Paul finally got the long-term deal he¡¯s been after for the past three seasons. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported Friday that Pierre-Paul received a four-year, $62 million extension from the New York Giants that can be worth as much as $66 million.

¡°This is where I wanted to be,¡± Pierre-Paul said. ¡°I couldn¡¯t imagine me being anywhere else. I¡¯m back for four years and I¡¯m ready to get after it.

At first, Rodriguez¡¯s contact with Barford was ruled a common foul. Officials reviewed the tape, however, and made a change: Instead of being ruled a common foul, Rodriguez was hit with a flagrant 1 call. Arkansas would get two foul shots and possession afterward.

A common foul would¡¯ve meant a one-and-one, where if Bradford had missed his first free throw, Seton Hall could¡¯ve rebounded it. Even if he were to make both, Seton Hall would have been positioned to take the ball down three with 18 seconds left.

Instead, Barford made his two free throws, and because the Hogs got to keep possession, Seton Hall had to foul Arkansas again. Though this time the Hogs missed a one-and-one front end, they got an offensive rebound. From there: foul, free throws, game over.
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Turner analyst Chris Webber, on the game broadcast, made the case that it was wrong to call a foul like that at that point in the game. Maybe so, but let¡¯s look at it.
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We all want players¡¯ safety first, but there¡¯s a lot that goes into it as we just talked about.”
Shanahan says he will be at the next league meeting and plans to talk to others about bringing in new rules to protect special teams players, who are so often at risk of a high-speed collision.

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Stories from Dirk Nowitzki’s incredible journey to 30,000 points

It was Feb. 5, 1999, and up to that point, everything had gone right. The Dallas Mavericks’ secret plan to draft Dirk Nowitzki had succeeded, they had convinced him to come over right away, and head coach Don Nelson was bragging how he would be that year’s rookie of the year. The lockout that threatened the season had been resolved at the last moment, and the opponent was the Seattle Supersonics, where fellow German star Detlef Schrempf played. The hype had built this far, only for Nowitzki to miss all five field goals and finish with just two points off free throws.

Nineteen years later, on an iconic fadeaway jumper, Nowitzki became the sixth player in the league’s history to score 30,000 points. What a damn career.

“To be No. 6 in the NBA all time,” Mavs owner Mark Cuban said. “That’s some crazy shit.”

These are a few of the stories that define what made him Dirk.

It really does, doesn’t it? Put simply: If the Coyotes were consistently good, then they might find more public support for financing a new arena. Hardcore hockey fans know they’re going to be really, really good in a few years. The franchise boasts the deepest pool of elite young prospects in the league.

But casual fans (the ones being asked to pay for a new arena) don’t see that. The Coyotes utterly fail the “what have you done for me lately?” test. Five years is a long time for the team to keep losing money at high rates while they wait to prove they’re going to be an elite NHL team.

So are they going to move?
It’s on the table, at least. Losing an Arizona franchise would be a huge hit to Bettman’s legacy of growing NHL hockey across the country. It’s why he stepped in when the team went bankrupt a few years ago. He badly wants this to work. And I think he’s right in believing it can work.

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Who is Adam Shaheen?

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Right now, Shaheen is a small-school tight end who left lower-level Ashland University after his junior season. After the combine, he very well could be a hottest prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft. That may seem strange considering Ashland has only had three players taken in the draft. But Shaheen is a 6¡¯6, 277-pound former basketball player who should test well.

The point of the combine is to get medical checks and true measurements of players. The latter could have just as big of an impact for a few players. While teams know the true size of senior prospects, they¡¯ll eagerly anticipate hearing about the underclassmen who entered the draft. For Stanford defensive lineman Solomon Thomas, measurements will matter the most. Thomas¡¯ draft range is right around the top 10, and if he has good arm length, he could secure a high spot. If he¡¯s smaller than expected, teams will wonder what position in the NFL suits him the best.

Youth Drew Brees Jersey Dupre has first-round talent, but in 2016 he had mid-round production. Until pulling in seven catches for 139 yards, he had just 34 receptions for 454 yards and three touchdowns on the season. It wasn¡¯t much fault of his own, however. As a team last season LSU threw less than 300 passes on the season, and the team¡¯s quarterback play was often spotty. At the combine, Dupre will need a good week showing off his measurables and ability to catch the ball.

Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami

Going into the season, Kaaya carried some buzz as a potential first-round pick. Statistically, Kaaya had a nice season, completing 62 percent of his passes and throwing 27 touchdowns to only seven interceptions. Digging deeper, there are some concerns. When pressured, Kaaya¡¯s footwork falls apart, and his accuracy goes down. Since he¡¯s not much of a mover in the pocket, that can be a problem.

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